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“When all thy work in human time is done, The mind of earth shall be a home of light, The life of earth a tree growing towards heaven, The body of earth a tabernacle of God.”

Savitri ||154.11|


At the foothills of the Shivaliks, in the midst of a permaculture farm, we designed one of the first rammed earth buildings in the region. Our design for the farmhouse brings together sustainable building practices in the built form and in the landscape. This is an earth building with a contemporary aesthetic and modern comforts.  

The basic vocabulary of this house, consistent with its context in Chandigarh is minimal and modern and yet it carefully integrates elements of craft and meticulous execution into a contemporary design. Our approach in this project was deeply collaborative and we found perfect synergy with Indu and Asjit in visualizing and executing each space thoughtfully.

Built within the Chandigarh's City Center blocks, the architecture and design pays homage to Corbusier and Jeanneret.

Wood, concrete, steel, cane and stone fuse to give a unique character and the play of light adds drama to the space.


A corporate office for Edelmann Packaging in Chandigarh. Here, the natural textures and colors of concrete, tile, and warm pine wood contrast with the typical corporate style of glass windows and metal filing cabinets. The custom-designed lights and fixtures form lines of light across the roof, remaining unbroken as they illuminate every room of the interior space.

The Belle Vue Chalets were designed to snuggle amidst the lush green mountains that surround them. We paid particular attention to the play of inside and outside spaces such that the beauty of the mountains and the skies enhance the indoor experience.

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