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Indu Asjit House

Designed as a house with multiple gardens, integrated with the interior spaces and deep vernadhas., The sensory experiences are varied and multitudinous, created with some of common materials playfully used; resulting in a rich and harmonious blending. Material Pallet comprises of brick, handmade tiles, smooth and textured concrete, natural stones, Indian woods and some salvaged wood components from a Heritage house in Pondicherry. .


The basic vocabulary of this house, consistent with its context in Chandigarh is minimal and modern and yet it carefully integrates elements of craft and meticulous execution into the design. Our approach in this project was deeply collaborative and we found perfect synergy with Indu and Asjit in visualizing and executing each space thoughtfully. Indu has imbued the interiors with her collections of furniture and her own light installations and paintings. 


The home is designed on a 4 kanal plot as a series of intimate spaces that open onto larger nodes, verandahs or courtyards.


Contemporary Garden & Courtyards Brick House




September 2018

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