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Studio Aureole is a conscious practice, often bridging the artificial divides of product, interior, architecture and landscape. We believe in creating experiences that have the power to re-connect us with nature, with ourselves and with our communities, this is how we define architecture. Working from conceptualization to design to execution, in the projects we design, we combine environmental sensitivity with contemporary design sensibility and socio-cultural imaginations.

We continue to evolve an architectural/design vocabulary that can evoke responses at a perceptual level, so new experiences can unravel... 
In our projects in Pondicherry, Bhowali, Morni, Abohar and Fazilka, we are lucky to collaborate with clients and consultants who are committed to sustainability! We are exploring some new ideas and furthering others.

The ethos of our work and practice can be summarised as follows - 

Excellence: we are committed to touching the highest in ourselves, and 

offering the work as the highest gift that we can, to the universe.

Empathy: we understand and immerse ourselves with the needs and aspirations of the user/inhabitant of the space, and ensure that we deliver what is envisioned 

Harmony with Nature: we connect with  the nature, its processes and create harmony between built-form and  users.

Reduce Reuse Recycle: the 3Rs of   conscious living but this does not come  at the cost of excellence, Be Discerning.


We are a group of young hearted and high spirited individuals, who are passionate about the process of creation, we are always heavily motivated and passionate about any and all project that our studio decides to undertake. Our cross disciplinary team enables us to come up with unique and contextual solutions, which aims to create phenomenal experiences for the users.

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