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Edelmann Packaging Office, Industrial Area Phase II, Chandigarh: 

A corporate office for Edelmann Packaging in Chandigarh. Here, the natural textures and colors of concrete, tile, and warm pine wood contrast with the typical corporate style of glass windows and metal filing cabinets. The custom-designed lights and fixtures form lines of light across the roof, remaining unbroken as they illuminate every room of the interior space. The multi-layered space within mostly open-format, but woven with private meeting cabins on the side for more confidential discussions. 

  • Textures to avoid corporate feel

  • Warm wood contrasts with grey 

  • Custom-designed lights & fixtures

  • Open office feel 


Office Interior


Industrial Area, Chandigarh


July 2017

10-12-2015    LAYOUT PLAN.jpg
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